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Copa America Winners List, Runners-up, Year by Year (1916 – 2019)

Winners List

Check Here Details Copa America Winners List, Runners-up, and A complete history.

Until 1975 the Copa America was known as South America Football Championship. It is the major men’s tournament held within the national teams of the CONMEBOL. This international competition is running for a very long time and is the most-watched tournament in the world.

The tournament decides the winner of South America. From the 1990s, the squad of North America and Asia was asked to take part in the competition. Since 1993, the competition, in general, promoted 12 teams – 10 teams from the CONMEBOL and two from other alliances.

The 2016 season of the Copa America had sixteen teams – six squads from CONCACAF and 10 from the CONMEBOL. Copa America was inaugurated in the year 1916. Out of 10 CONMEBOL national teams, eight have won the tournament no less than one.

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Ecuador and Venezuela teams are yet to win. Uruguay has won many titles in the history of the tournament with 15 cups, subsequently Argentina with 14 cups and the recent champion Brazil with 9 cups. Argentina hosted the tournament many times since 1916. The US is the first non-CONMEBOL team to anchor in the year 2016. The competition was held in various South American countries in all three events (in 1975, 1979, and 1983).

Copa America Winners List

The first edition of the tournament was held in the year 1916 which was introduced by Brazil and won by Uruguay. The 45 editions of the contest have secured the title by Uruguary. They are the most famous squad by nine cups. Copa America 2016 was the 100th year of Copa America. The 2019 season started on 14th June 2019 and ended on 7th July 2019. Here is the list of Copa America Champions list from 1916:

1916 Uruguay Argentina Argentina
1917 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay
1919 Brazil Uruguay Brazil
1920 Uruguay Argentina Chile
1921 Argentina Brazil Argentina
1922 Brazil Paraguay Brazil
1923 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay
1924 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay
1925 Argentina Brazil Argentina
1926 Uruguay Argentina Chile
1927 Argentina Uruguay Peru
1929 Argentina Paraguay Argentina
1935 Uruguay Argentina Peru
1937 Argentina Brazil Argentina
1939 Peru Uruguay Peru
1941 Argentina Uruguay Chile
1942 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay
1945 Argentina Brazil Chile
1946 Argentina Brazil Argentina
1947 Argentina Paraguay Ecuador
1949 Brazil Paraguay Brazil
1953 Paraguay Brazil Peru
1955 Argentina Chile Chile
1956 Uruguay Chile Uruguay
1957 Argentina Brazil Peru
1959 Argentina Brazil Argentina
1959 Uruguay Argentina Ecuador
1963 Bolivia Paraguay Bolivia
1967 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay
1975 Peru Colombia Peru
1979 Paraguay Chile Paraguay
1983 Uruguay Brazil Uruguay
1987 Uruguay Chile Argentina
1989 Brazil Uruguay Brazil
1991 Argentina Brazil Chile
1993 Argentina Mexico Ecuador
1995 Uruguay Brazil Uruguay
1997 Brazil Bolivia Bolivia
1999 Brazil Uruguay Paraguay
2001 Colombia Mexico Colombia
2004 Brazil Argentina Peru
2007 Brazil Argentina Venezuela
2011 Uruguay Paraguay Argentina
2015 Chile Argentina Chile
2016 Chile Argentina United States

The Copa America 2019 title was won by Brazil. The two superior teams were Argentina and Brazil to win the Copa America 2019. Argentina was in the third position after defending Chile by 2-1. Brazil won the title of 2019 by opposing Peru 3-1 final in Brazil. In 2016, Chile won the last Copa America 2016. They have also won the 2015 season. Chile won the second trophy by beating Argentina 4-2.

Statics Of Copa America

These are the statics of the country with most titles from 1916 till 2019:

Squads Titles Taken Part
Uruguay 15 44
Argentina 14 42
Brazil 9 36
Peru 2 32
Paraguay 2 37
Chile 2 39
Bolivia 1 27
Colombia 1 22

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