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European Super League Start Date, Schedule, Teams, Format, Fixtures And Prize Money

European Super League Schedule, Teams, Format, Fixtures, And Prize Money

Check Here Details European Super League Start date, Schedule, Teams, Format, Fixtures, And Prize Money.

The European Super League is also well known for The Super League. It is an arranged yearly club football competition is confronted by twenty European football clubs. It is organized to take part or cut out the UEFA Champion League as a different competition,. UEFA arranged Europe’s football federation tournament.

The first chairperson of the association is Florentino Perez. After the long opinion about the development of the “European Super League”, the tournament took place between twelve clubs in April 2021, with three more assumed to join.

These 15 clubs are permanent candidates in the competition, which they will rule. The remaining five teams will be certifies yearly as stated to their presentation in their domestic league’s current series.

As per the company, the tournament will shortly with gossip of it starting prior to or throughout August 2021. The European Super League is linked up with strong steps by participants; fans; the linked club’s national government, UEFA and FIFA.

European Super League Teams

The twelve launching clubs are Manchester United, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan, Juventus, Chelsea; Barcelona, Liverpool; Inter Milan, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs.

The 3 extra clubs will be asked to join before the initiation of the period making a total of 15 engaging teams.

The Super League Format

The Super League will have the standard 20 teams. Firstly, there will be two sets of 10 teams each in set with a home and far off match. Every year five teams will be certified based on their previous year demonstration.

The top three in each set will go start to the quarterfinals, hence the fourth and fifth teams will set foot in the conflict for the rear 2 place.

European Super League Schedule & Fixtures

The Super League will begin from August with all members to carry on with playing their respective league. The finals will happen in the last weekend of May. The European Super League Schedule and Fixtures will be proclaimed once the conflict between the league other football number get solved .

The women’s Super League category will also establish. All year the fixtures will be managed.

Prize Money Of European Super League

The football clubs will get a pay of €3.5 Billion which is a consolidated premium of UEFA’s Champions League, Super Cup, and Europa League. The 15 clubs should give a bit 3.5 billion euros every year with assess reward. Furthermore, the highest six clubs are prepared to get 350 million euros each.

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